Yoga Practice for a Lifetime

A Simple Challenge?

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Is it possible to maintain a consistent yoga practice over a lifetime? Sometimes yoga is an activity for a season, yet for others its relationship is elusive.

Yoga is one of the most comprehensively beneficial exercises for the human body and spirit. It improves quality of life exponentially, and is accessible for people of all types and capabilities.

Why is it so difficult to do something that seems so simple? The challenge lies in our ability to be disciplined, adaptive and resilient. The Simple Challenge is designed with a life-long practice in mind to keep you learning and growing without stopping.


start something that will continue to serve you for years to come

Practice for a lifetime


An immersive long-term program that journeys into the depths of yogic arts to develop a lifelong practice. Experience a curriculum of methodical progression, adventure and community.

Yoga has the power to strengthen muscles, increase mobility, recover injuries, ​reinforce joints, improve digestion, build cardiovascular health, aid the nervous system and make us feel youthful. This is true across a lifetime, whether you start at 15 or 80 years old. 

Many students quit practicing because they are intimidated from the start or have a hard time finding a foothold. Or, they make some progress and then don’t know what to do next. The Simple Challenge provides a path of incremental learning of postures, techniques and methods that bridge a student from beginner to established with confidence in the fundamentals needed to try the next level. 

Traditionally, students learned yoga directly from a teacher. That teacher’s job was to know the student and help him or her build a relationship with the practice over time. The Simple Challenge uses longform practice to help each participant observe, connect to and recognize the benefits and goals of each posture. Long-form study is respectful of the body’s needs and draws the absolute gain from every attempt.

The scope of applications for yoga practice is incredible. It was a used as a training discipline for some of the strongest warriors in India. It was also used to treat and cure many significant ailments and everyday issues. In the much more recent past, we’ve taught professional athletes, people recovering from joint surgery, teenagers struggling with anxiety and seniors looking for a new healthy activity. The nature of this practice is to meet a practitioner at his or her level and challenge fairly from there. The Simple Challenge  invites you to come as you are and expect greatness.

Like the Simple Challenge name suggests, sometimes the most straightforward goals are the.most difficult. We know that maintaining consistency and discipline over time is a tall order. We have faced it as well in our own practice over many years. In this case, the challenge of perseverance will be tempered by the enjoyment and enthusiasm you earn as you start to feel stronger and healthier, more resilient and excited about your progress. We’ve built in benchmarks to reach along the way so you begin to know yourself as someone who shines through experience.

Who are we?

The simple challenge creators

Derek and NADIA HOPKINS The Simple Challenge Yoga

For two decades, we have been practicing yoga, teaching it to thousands of students around the world and certifying yoga teachers.

After retiring our award-winning yoga arts center in 2021, we set out for a new goal: helping students to achieve the health of a life-long practice using the methods that actually work, and eliminating those that don’t.

Our roots are in the study of ancient practices meant to preserve, protect and progress a person with breadth and depth. It is with this respect for the integrity and philosophy of yoga that we designed a guided program to engage a student for years to come.

Whether you have an established practice you’d like to advance, or you’re yet to try yoga because it seems out of reach, you will find your way to confidence with The Simple Challenge. 

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Offerings to accompany the simple challenge

Go adventure

Live Events

Travel to some of our world’s natural wonders and challenge yourself to extended practice events to fast track your Simple Challenge learning. Level Advancements are held exclusively at Live Events.

The Simple Challenge Yoga for a Lifetime in Nature

prepare & complement

Short Courses

Meditation, Breathing and Stillness – These Short Courses are quick intensives that build your understanding in specific areas designed to prepare you for or complement your challenge experience.

Meditation Breathing and Yoga Simple Challenge Educational Courses

keep growing

Books & Blog

Steep yourself in remarkable insights earned over decades of consistent yoga practice. Books and Posts help you consider the art from different angles and enrich your skillset.

Simple Challenge Yoga Reading in Nature

Are You Coming?

2023 Event Destinations

winter, 2024

A tropical wonder that boasts archaeological treasures from the ancient Maya, lush rainforests with towering waterfalls and a people who love to enjoy themselves. Belize will feel like a second home you don’t want to leave, and an encouraging platform for extended practice.  

spring 2024

Shimmering sunsets and Florida hospitality welcome us to this Spring Simple Challenge Event. An easy flight from most places, this setting will provide the warmth and spirit to explore postures, practice approach and visions for the future. 

summer, 2024

Did you know that Sequoia trees can live for up to 3,000 years? This protected forest is an unparalleled experience of nature. We’ll practice among the towering trees and channel the same unwavering longevity they inspire. 

fall, 2024

Practice at the edge of a masterpiece, contemplating your own experience and growth. The Grand Canyon offers a sprawling expanse hard to describe except to see it. Join us here for a weekend of longform study and exposure to a natural wonder. 

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Join Derek for an extended practice in Acadia National Park, Maine. Join Derek for an extended practice in Acadia National Park, Maine.Join Derek for an extended practice in Acadia National Park, Maine.Join Derek for an extended practice in Acadia National Park, Maine.

This follow-along practice challenges you to slow down and make the most of each posture. Any level of practitioner can use this practice with its active and restorative poses. Practice along, take your time and repeat every few days in combination with The Simple Challenge program. 

Play Video about Longform Yoga Practice at the Grand Canyon

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